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Can you pinpoint the moment when adding ten more people to the team was likely to only slow things further and cause more inner strife? 
Do you remember the week, the month, the day when your favorite and most successful leadership strategies, the ones the very company was built upon, started to lose their effectiveness?
Did you turn here? Did you shift gears and strategies? Or did you keep going, pushing ever harder forward, assuming it was supposed to hurt in this particular way?
Organizing Humans is a disturbingly simple look at what happens to companies as they grow from the solo-entrepreneur with none then a few employees, then further into dozens, hundreds, and eventually thousands of staff trying to help cooperate in a single business model.
After many years of working with CEOs on what seemed to be a variety of problems, it was taught to me one day that though they all look very different and sound very different and use very different language, they are not different. Each client I had before or since were each suffering from the same challenge, despite speaking about it in very different ways.
The code had been broken, and what was found was disturbing. It was just too easy once the right words and concepts were formed. It was just too hurtful that this wasn't a common conversation that every entrepreneur and leader was having.
It turns out everyone has different language, but it is for the same need. And everyone has the same need, but seemingly no good language for it.

Anticipated release, July 2020,
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